Welcome to ACO NextGen, a group within ACO dedicated to students and emerging professionals who share an interest in historic architecture and conservation.

ACO Mandate: “Through education and advocacy, to encourage the conservation and reuse of structures, districts and landscapes of architectural, historic and cultural significance, to inspire and benefit Ontarians.”


The Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO) is a charitable organization operating through a network of autonomous local branches in communities across Ontario, linked by a small co-ordinating office in Toronto, and governed by its Executive and Provincial Council. ACO has been involved in preserving Ontario’s architectural and environmental heritage since 1933 by helping communities and owners preserve structures of architectural merit, and places of natural beauty or interest.


The goal of NextGen is twofold: Firstly, to provide a community for the sharing of mutual interest in historic preservation. Secondly, to promote professional development for members by providing networking and volunteer opportunities, hands-on learning, recognition and awards.


Since 2011, NextGen has led a series of programs and events for our members, including our annual Design Charrette and Job Shadow Program, Ontario Heritage Conference sponsorships, NextGen Awards, pub nights, building tours and lectures.

ACO NextGen was created out of the need for a centralized heritage and sustainability group that is designed to meet the unique needs of youth.

Who Should Join?

Anyone with an interest in Ontario’s built and cultural heritage landscapes. Architectural conservation requires the skills and knowledge of many fields, including architecture, history, cultural studies, urban planning, photography, interior design, landscape architecture, art history, sustainable design,  archaeology, civil engineering, museum studies, geography, architectural theory, conservation studies, and more.


Networking: Networking plays a key role in developing your career in conservation, and NextGen aims to expand on these opportunities as much as possible. Connecting you to established professionals in the industry to learn more about your career path, as well as connecting you with community members who share your interests.

Exclusive Events: NextGen events provide unique opportunities for members to gain hands on experience, make connections, and learn. We host two large annual events, a Design Charrette and Job Shadow Program, as well as smaller events throughout the year such as pub nights, lectures, tours, and more.

Community Engagement: Be a part of a community of like-minded, passionate, individuals who want to protect our structures and culture. We’ll make sure your never restricted from connecting with others based on your location by posting frequently on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about local initiatives, at risk buildings, architecture=-related events, and more.

Job Postings: We want to make sure our passionate and talented members are able to enter to professional industry successfully, so we’re always on the lookout for job postings across Ontario that are relevant to architecture and culture to share across our network.

Mentorship: Members have the opportunity to organize events under the ACO NextGen banner. Whether you’d like to host a talk and tour to promote research you’ve pursued, or are interested in gaining valuable leadership and volunteer skills with a non-profit, the NextGen Executive Team can provide support to bring your event ideas to realty.

Heritage News: It can be difficult staying up-to-date on all the heritage news in Ontario, so we’ll find articles for you and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Get Published: Publish your work and research in ACO’s ACORN magazine, our newsletter and our blog.


ACO NextGen hosts two annual events, a Job Shadow Program in February during Heritage Week and a Design Charrette during the Fall, as well as various socials, tours, and more throughout the year.

This year, ACO NextGen is also excited to be collaborating with ACO Toronto and Giaimo Architects on The Toronto Oculus revitalization project. Read the full July 2019 media release here. This project is one of five recipients of Park People’s 2019 Public Space Incubator (PSI) Program, funded by the Balsalm Foundation and Ken and Eti Greenberg. The PSI program aims to encourage and support the next generation of creative public space projects by providing access to funding and professional networks. A series of events and programming will be offered by ACO NextGen as part of this project in Fall 2020.

Participants take part in our annual Design Charette


Meet the ACO NextGen Executive Leadership Team here.


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