Hidden Canada: The Perseverance of The Mysterious St. Thomas Church

The St. Thomas Parish Hall is deeply important to the community of Moose Factory. The back of the church holds a graveyard full of generations of Omushkego peoples. That alone, validates the need to restore the church. The church also represents the complex history of the arrival of Christian missionaries on Indigenous land.

Hidden Canada: A NextGen and U of T Project

The articles in this series seek to unveil some of Canada’s architectural riches and emerged from a class project at the University of Toronto. In this fourth-year undergraduate seminar, students were asked to either focus on little-studied aspects of the built environment in Canada, or to approach well-known places from a fresh perspective.

Guild Park and Gardens: Toronto’s Architectural Sculpture Gallery

After the Second World War, Toronto underwent development and many buildings were pulverized into gravel. Thanks to the foresight of one collector however, the remains of some sixty-odd buildings were salvaged from the rubble and artfully arranged on the grounds of the former Guild Inn.